Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dj - SUketu

17th september 2008 -

The day started well - Mom's coffee - brothers tamtrums - it was good to be home.

Had a well deserved haircut -thanks to Pounds - that was kept on a hold for a very very long time.

N then it was time to PARTY !!

The night started with resident Dj's spinning the tracks to get the crowd going. Women were dressed to impress - Men were dressed to get drunk :-P.

The most awaited guest of the night arrived quite early to my surprise. My first night out legally as a 21 year old in the good ol'city of Chennai couldn't have been better.

Pink floyd - stole the night away - N then the house tracks - evergreen music tracks of any DJ.
Bin tere sanam - had to be played. After all it was his song.

Meeting people after a year was good. Chennai crowd had changed a lot. Familiar faces have decreased quite a bit. But I spotted my usual Acquaintances were by the DJ cabin n arrived late. There is a new crowd in the block these days.

I was partying in Dublin after a year and a half. It was nice to see some old faces around - behind the bars. The bouncers had been promoted. As usual they did a great job.

The atmosphere was perfect , the night was young , the Mocktails were GREAT !

Can't wait for the ban on smoking to be implemented. and NO i don't have a British accent - I am still very much Indian.

Heathrow - Terminal 3


The drive to the airport began at 4:20 pm exactly. The gentlemen charged a nominal amount to be driven from Cambridge to Heathrow terminal 3. ON the way dad called to ask about the journey and I told him all was safe

Whilst speaking to him he mentioned about Lehman Brothers and Merrill lynch to which I happily replied and spoke about for awhile.

To my surprise the driver caught on and asked me about the financial situation and I explained the same to him saying that although the markets were in a turmoil the Indian markets were doing relatively well. He had worked for an equity trading firm for 5 years before he began driving the taxi. Irony of life , but he said he was happy. He had proposed to his girl friend in July and they intended to get married after 2 years and hence he was saving up. The crisis in the market had pulled him off his previous job. He has been driving the taxi for 6 years now. He has seen the world. Mexico, Italy ..

He wanted to go for a month long honeymoon and hence has decided not to travel for quite sometime in order to save up. Makes sense. Wedding is an expensive affair in the UK. He said the cheapest he could get with the church was 10,000 pounds. A good wedding was 16,000 pounds. That’s equivalent to a masters tuition fees !!

Finally I am here in the airport – 30 mins more to go …. Home is a DAY away ..!! *sigh*

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The end -

13th of september 2008- the end and the begining of a new chapter - the chapter that would involve responsibilities, bills, savings and investments . In less than 10 hours I have to vacat this place. Room filled with memories of friends, pizzas, movies and for the first time my family of 4 shared one single room .... the journey was bumpy with the destination awaiting a sweet victory. To all my friends at the University of Warwick - Thank you for having been the greatest pillar of support - and the best companions one could ask for.

Cheers to the journey called LIFE !

Saturday, 6 September 2008

ANd we are here ..!!!

Its coming to an end - A week more and all this would be history.

Its nice that I can finally have a chapter in my life wherein I could say: "When I was in the uni..." and the rest would be an exhilarating experience.

I had decided to stay here till the lease ends. Next week is going to be full of shopping ( which i am quite skeptical at the moment considering luggage restricitions ;-) ) , watching loads of online movies, nights out ( Chennai would not give me the luxury of staying with friends till 4am in the night and walk home ) , kitchen parties ( wreck this place apart ) and then .. the flight back home....

these would be THE days. .....!!

...... the story does continue ..........

To those were the days .......

Monday, 1 September 2008

You got Youtubed...!!

Most grad students staying by him/her self - would definately know these two men or rather this one man: Jeff Dunham. But Walter, like he describes is someone we all know or would have met at one point in time.

Youtube and google videos have helped students through hellish essays , exams and sometimes even the boring nobel laureate's lectures :-P . (Lecture:An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through 'the minds of either' )
Indeed applicable !!

The purpose of this blog has been so showcase the fact that I am indeed one of those many grad students who takes time out to watch these videos. Some of the videos passed around do change a students perspective on life. Opening doors to possibilities never knocked on before. Videos like the Stanford Graduation ceremony, product launches, latest MUSIC, movie trailers .. are all watched on these service providers.

P2P sharing is banned in most university halls; hell we can't really blame the university for these rules because if it was relaxed, the network would be jammed and there would be chaos.

It is quite sad to learn that in some countries these websites are banned because the government is unable to control the content. But then again - everything has its ups and down.

For now I shall list the videos that I would watch on any given day :-)
(Google videos has the long version)

  • Jeff Dunham :
  1. Achmed the dead terrorist- Love this guy
  2. Walter ( uncle :-P )
  3. Peanut
  • It would be an injustice not to mention Russell Dominic Peters

  • Stanford Graduation speaches

  • The last lecture

Thats all for now - will update it soon ...!! Happy watching !!

(Please do update it !! )