Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dj - SUketu

17th september 2008 -

The day started well - Mom's coffee - brothers tamtrums - it was good to be home.

Had a well deserved haircut -thanks to Pounds - that was kept on a hold for a very very long time.

N then it was time to PARTY !!

The night started with resident Dj's spinning the tracks to get the crowd going. Women were dressed to impress - Men were dressed to get drunk :-P.

The most awaited guest of the night arrived quite early to my surprise. My first night out legally as a 21 year old in the good ol'city of Chennai couldn't have been better.

Pink floyd - stole the night away - N then the house tracks - evergreen music tracks of any DJ.
Bin tere sanam - had to be played. After all it was his song.

Meeting people after a year was good. Chennai crowd had changed a lot. Familiar faces have decreased quite a bit. But I spotted my usual Acquaintances were by the DJ cabin n arrived late. There is a new crowd in the block these days.

I was partying in Dublin after a year and a half. It was nice to see some old faces around - behind the bars. The bouncers had been promoted. As usual they did a great job.

The atmosphere was perfect , the night was young , the Mocktails were GREAT !

Can't wait for the ban on smoking to be implemented. and NO i don't have a British accent - I am still very much Indian.


Meera Vijayann said...

Oh, I so know that- I can imagine. Your'e in the UK?I just got back after a Masters degree, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate Chennai heat now.. haha..

And about the finance deal, yeah, optimism is the word. I mean, at least you have a finance degree there, imagine MBA's from unknown colleges here.. or juts any college - tough life.

Anonymous said...

too much! legally as a 21 yr old it seems. as if it makes any difference! And I heard you had alcohol. WTF!

Lavania said...

I did not - ask your mom - And yes it makes a difference - I can show an ID card n walk in :-P