Thursday, 18 September 2008

Heathrow - Terminal 3


The drive to the airport began at 4:20 pm exactly. The gentlemen charged a nominal amount to be driven from Cambridge to Heathrow terminal 3. ON the way dad called to ask about the journey and I told him all was safe

Whilst speaking to him he mentioned about Lehman Brothers and Merrill lynch to which I happily replied and spoke about for awhile.

To my surprise the driver caught on and asked me about the financial situation and I explained the same to him saying that although the markets were in a turmoil the Indian markets were doing relatively well. He had worked for an equity trading firm for 5 years before he began driving the taxi. Irony of life , but he said he was happy. He had proposed to his girl friend in July and they intended to get married after 2 years and hence he was saving up. The crisis in the market had pulled him off his previous job. He has been driving the taxi for 6 years now. He has seen the world. Mexico, Italy ..

He wanted to go for a month long honeymoon and hence has decided not to travel for quite sometime in order to save up. Makes sense. Wedding is an expensive affair in the UK. He said the cheapest he could get with the church was 10,000 pounds. A good wedding was 16,000 pounds. That’s equivalent to a masters tuition fees !!

Finally I am here in the airport – 30 mins more to go …. Home is a DAY away ..!! *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

equity trading firm to taxi driver :O? I'm just going to keep studying until the economy is doing well.