Saturday, 12 April 2008

Exams and friends !!

There is one thing I have noticed about the whole period before exams.. that is when ideas to do something new and innovative pop-up, and for someone like me who has a concentration span of 40 mins, I certainly do know how that feels.

Sitting in the library I have made a lot of friends. Yes ! at the library. The concept of man being a social animal is well under-stood if at all you are normal when you try to lock yourself up for too long all alone.

There is a sort of pleasure in making friends and social networking web-sites like Facebook ( which i use ) helps keep in touch with friends. Going through my friends list I realised that I have come a long way. There are contacts on my list who were once strangers walking beside me, and now are good friends with whom I spend some quality time chatting on life and interesting issues.

As students meeting students from different parts of the university helps you get a broader picture on any topic you discuss. Be it a medical student talking about politics or an international development student talking about the various health issues facing a developing country.

In the end everything falls into place and you come out knowing more that you would have otherwise.

I am actually glad I chose to do this course. I have developed a circle of friends whom I would cherish and being a student rocks !!

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