Friday, 29 August 2008

10 working days & 3 weekends more !!

28th August 2007 - our accommodation was confirmed on campus and the room was allocated - Heronbank it was.

29th August 2007 - Exactly a year back - this day, I began counting days to leave for England. Everyday I would go up to my mom and tell her - __ so many days left and I am out of here.
She would get angry and pretend like she dint hear a thing. But in her heart she always knew that the little girl she chased around the house, around the building, up and down the stairs to feed her daily meals, someone she had to wake up everyday, someone she would call atleast thrice a day when she hadn't returned on time, someone with whom she would fight very often on curfews, someone with whom she actually enjoyed shopping but never accepted it; finally had to leave the comfort and security of the four walls she had created.

Today I am counting days to go back home (for awhile). To go back to that place where I know my privacy and freedom would be curtailed, where I would have to take mom/dad's permission to step out. Where I would have to justify why I am going out, why I am on the internet, why I don't want to eat, why I prefer this to that, why I would like to have a night out, why I would like to go for a drive, why I would want to visit my friends, why I would want to listen to music at this time of the hour, why I would want to stay awake, why I would want to watch a movie ...

The list is endless.

At the end of the day the list of reasons why I would still want to go back to that place I call HOME is small and could be counted by the fingers in one hand.

The one reason that beats them all is the love that they would show when I have returned home after months.

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enjoy your trip back home!