Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Mood Elevators !!

Several articles in the past have reported on various instruments that act as mood elevators. Movies, Music, Chocolates, Ice Creams, Friends, Family, Books etc...

Ever wondered how the human brain works ?

Its a question that has no conclusive answer.

The mind is way too powerful. Thats the reason they teach us about will power.

A recent conversation with a friend on the topic of placibo effects - made us realise how powerful the mind can be.

Surveys have shown that amongst most things that students download on campus - music tops the list.

It has also topped the list of mood elevators for decades in a row. The mind seems to understand and relate to the tones of music better than anything else. I haven't met anyone (yet) who doesn't like music. Everyone seems to enjoy music and the choices are endless.

Shivers down the spine, goosebumps, tears in the eyes, a smile on your face, nostalgia ....

We have all experienced this at somepoint or the other listening to music.

The soundtracks from the movie Lord of the Rings, inspired me to write this blog today.
Enya's voice alone can take you to places to have been before. Try watching LOR without the soundtrack - trust me its bad.

Remember the famous song " Don't worry be Happy" - thats an all time favourite and the best mood elevator I have come across.


Get your list of mood elevators, you would never know when you would that one song to cheer you up.

Concluding this blog, I have realised that there is a lot of potential in the music industry and its the one market where there is no recession, no lay offs etc. ...

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