Sunday, 24 August 2008

Whats nExt

Coming to England a year back, I was clueless about setting things up. I still remember, I brought something to cook and then realised the cooking utensils I would need. Gradually picking up pace, I brought almost everything one would need to cook.

The university accommodation came with certain basic amenities. As time passed by I personalised the little space to suit my needs.

Now this life is coming to an end. 3 more weeks and I am out of this room. Sept 13th - the lease ends.

What have I learnt ?

1. To set up a small house - I guess
2. To cook decent healthy meals - for myself
3. To manage time - :-P
4. To shop for groceries - for a change ;-)
5. Understand how to keep things clean *
6. Understand the life cycle of edible items - Mom's job is tough
7. Manage finances - Mom knows to do that well
8. Manage the earnings - Dad hats off to you
9. Understand: the government is out to get you - Taxes have to be checked regularly
10. Life is short - LIVE IT UP !!
* subject to market risks - as suggested by a new friend

This is my story so far, I am sure corporate world has more to teach and I shall update it soon, with what I learn by setting up a small apartment, managing monthly expenses when there is no venture capitalist funding it and managing a full time job. :-)

So far - so good :-)

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adi said...

Good for you! You needed it :p